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QUALITY? Our priority

It is all about quality: drivers, tools, management and organisation...

All these key points grant TAXIS RIVIERA the leadership they deserve.

  • Warm and effective welcome from our call centre operators
  • Premium drivers and cars
  • Optimised times and fare meters with the use of state-of-the-art technologies
  • Improved routes thanks to a professional navigation system

From the first contact, you feel the difference!

TAXIS RIVIERA is composed of 9 operators who take turns to cover a 24/7 service in order to offer you the best welcome and answer your requests efficiently. 

To ensure welcoming and listening operators are here to comply with your needs, our recruitment and training policies are the guarantee of the best service.
All TAXIS RIVIERA operators are rigorously selected for their professional as well as, and mainly, their personal skills (interpersonal and oral ease, listening capacity...).

A rigorous quality assurance

Our quality assurance service operates an ongoing control so as to assess the work of each operator, and several times a year an independent external body performs an audit.

Our Drivers

A partnership with TAXIS RIVIERA, a promise for quality

300 freelance taxi drivers draw the network TAXIS RIVIERA are individuals who are rigorously selected to meet your requirements.
We train them personally in using the embedded equipment and the appropriate commercial behaviours.
When they join the network, they commit to follow a quality charter whose corner stone is efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Lead Times

Control your journeys, choose TAXIS RIVIERA

Thanks to our fleet of 300 cars and our localisation system via GPS, TAXIS RIVIERA optimises the waiting times and reduces the fare meter amounts.
When you order a taxi through our call centre, we analyse instantly the position of our partner drivers in order to look for the closest available car.
The more the distance made by the driver to go to your starting address is reduced, the more the amount counted by the fare meter is low (amount displayed by the taxi fare meter when it picks you up).

The Routes

With TAXI RIVIERA, you make up with taxis with our OPTIMISED ROUTES

Technology serving your satisfaction.
Directly informed through their embedded equipment of any useful information to ensure a smooth journey (traffic jams, events...), TAXIS RIVIERA drivers are provided with all they need to choose the best route.
The new generation of embedded terminals installed progressively on the whole fleet provides assistance via an embedded navigation system.

Our Quality Chart

When they join us, drivers sign this Quality Charter.
They officially commit to comply with it at all times.

It is a logical attitude to have when exercising this occupation:

  • Exercise with professional ethics at all times.
  • Wear appropriate clothing.
  • Welcome the customers politely, with kindness and courtesy.
  • Keep the car clean and in good conditions.
  • Simplify access to the car and help the customer to get in and out the car, if necessary.
  • Load and unload luggage.
  • Do not refuse any journey, whatever the destination is.
  • Comply with the rules and conditions that govern the profession.

Official Taxis in Nice



Alongside Professionals: Taxis Riviera Nice

Alongside Professionals: Taxis Riviera Nice


Labeled "SANITARY CONFIDENCE" by the city of Nice